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Compctl completion tweaking

I've been trying for some time to limit completion behaviour for some
commands in an intelligent manner. What I am trying to do is mask out
files not matching a given pattern, keeping directories intact, or,
better still, matching files according to some pattern and directories
according to some other pattern. Shouldn't that be possible using
something like -g '(*.rpm(.))|(*(-/))'? I tried for a while with some
print -m magic, but didn't quite manage to get it to work.

(Sure, -g '*.rmp(.)' + -g '*(-/)' does a fair job, but I find it
irritating that I cant tab my way down into a subdirectory of a
directory containing *.rpm files this way.)

Secondly, is there any way I can influence the sorting compctl does? I'd
be very happy if some commands' completion list would be sorted
files-first, others' directories-first, and yet others mixed-alpha-sort
(the only method I am aware of being possible). I thought this behaviour
could be mimiced crudely using -K functions, but it seems the function's
output is being sorted. It sure took me a while realizing that... :\

/Johan Sundström

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author