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Re: zsh - new user with questions

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxx> writes:

> need to handle .'s in the way /'s are handled there.  Ignoring case
> may happen one day, but I doubt there's ever going to be a built-in
> way of saying 'look and see if there are any characters preceeding a
> dot to be added earlier on in the completion'.  Maybe you would be
> interested in the options automenu and menucomplete.  You'll have
> to find the shift key, however.  Do 'setopt automenu', type R,
> and hit tab until it works.

I am having similar problems, but with /. Example with bash (^ denotes 
the location of the cursor):

bash-2.01$ ls /usr/loc/bi
Pressing tab gives:

bash-2.01$ ls /usr/local/bi
With zsh:

ls /usr/loc/bi           => beep
ls /usr/loc/bin          => /usr/local/bin/
           ^                          ^
ls /usr/loc/bin/         => /usr/local/bin//

           ^                          ^

So problem one is that local is not expanded if the path segment after 
it doesn't exist. The second problem is that zsh adds a "/" at the end 
of the path - always. I'd prefer if it didn't add one at all or at
least just one (the infinite number of added slashes is clearly a

The third problem is something that often bites me hard:

bash: ls /usr/lobin	=> /usr/local/bin
bash: ls /usr/lobin	=> beep
Ie zsh can't complete the path if the cursor is not on a slash. It
would be really nice if it completed from the character it was on,
even if it's not a slash.

This it he last "grudge" I have against zsh since switching from bash.

David Hedbor

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