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Re: zsh - new user with questions

Hi Again,

firstly, thanks to all those who replied, some of the tips were exactly
what I was looking for.

The expand-or-complete-prefix tip however didn't work, as then the -list
function only works when you've

already typed something. ie:

     cd /usr/<tab>

doesn't complete, and doesn't produce a list - ( I don't like using the
menu stuff, by the time I've hit tab 50 times

I could have easily typed any name I might be searching for), first when
you type another character does it start

showing lists again, ie:

     cd /usr/l<tab>

     lib/ local/

The way I work at the moment, I used the expand-or-complete-or-list
functionality instead of

having to use 'ls' all the time - which works great with case-insensitive
completion and list-when-ambiguous.

(ie: I often provide support by phone, they tell me to cd to
/home/user/Dev/ProductTest-1.2 - spoken as

slash home user dev product test one point two. I'm sure you can see where
case insensitivity and list-when-ambiguous

comes in really handy here. in tcsh I'ld probably type
/home/user/dev<tab>prod.2<tab> and I'ld be there, or if there

was an ambiguity, I'ld imediately see what choices I had.)

I'm not really complaining, I just find these features extremely helpful,
and I miss them a lot :-)

If there's a wishlist or a todo list for zsh, I would really like to add
this feature to it! (I personally think the Amiga

dudes got it right back in '86 when they made the file names were only
stores case sensitive - but all operations

at OS level were case insensitive - thus it was impossible to have ReadMe
and README in the same directory.

I personally think this reduces possible confusion, (does make read
Makefile or makefile first?) and makes

case insensitive completion trivial. - just my 2cents)

Thanks again,


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