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Re: zsh - new user with questions

On 19 Aug, Stephen Riehm wrote:

>  are, no one uses z to represent a lower case beta.

Lower case beta? Who said anything about beta? I used a German
double s as an example. A German double s is not the same as beta.

>  If you are familiar with the locale routines provided in the normal C
>  libraries, you'll know that
>  there are routines for converting strings from upper case to lower case and
>  vice-versa. These
>  routines are language independant, and only effect those characters which
>  have a upper/lower
>  case equivalent, all other characters in the string remain identical.

These routines produce different results depending on the language
you have selected. If you use these routines to do filename matching
then you will match different filenames depending on the selected
language. This is what I think is confusing.

>  (ever seen an upper case space?)

Should ß be handled just like a space, that is, not changed at all?

>  All that is required is that all routines that compare file names need to
>  convert both strings for comparison
>  to lower (or upper) case before comparison. The advantage on the Amiga is
>  that if a file called ReadMe
>  exists, and you decide to create a file called README, all you end up doing
>  is overwriting the ReadMe file

You post from a .de domain so you should know about double s.
The upper case version of ß is SS.

1. If we have a filename with the name "Strasse" and one with the
   name "Straße". Both filenames are created when the English
   language is selected. If the German language is selected later,
   wich one of them should be accessed as "STRASSE"?

2. If we have a filename with the name "Straße" you can access it
   as "STRASSE" if you select German, but not if you select English.

Once more, how is the filename "Straße" handled on the Amiga? Don't
tell me they cheated and made the upper case version "STRAßE"!

Case insensitive filenames in an international environment is
quite a big can of worms. Should it be opened?

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