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Re: tty settings

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Under some conditions (from a failsafe session with Solaris 2.5),
> when I start an xterm and zsh, the tty settings are not correct.
> For instance, susp is undefined. But if I use tcsh, it is OK
> (though I don't set anything in my .cshrc). So, why are the tty
> settings wrong with zsh only? What should I do to have the standard
> ones?

I seem to recall that tcsh explicitly does a stty before it prints
the first prompt, setting all of its standard settings.  I have talked
with a few SCO people who found this annoying, as SCO has some different
(really demented, IMHO) ideas on what those settings should be (for
example, intr is set to ^?.)  They were confused about why their csh
used ^?, and their tcsh used ^C.

I suggest putting them in your .zlogin or .zprofile.  Not specifying
something like this is a good way to mess yourself up on cross-platform
hops, not to mention the fun you get when your sysadmin decides to
recompile your shell with different defaults, and forgets to mention it.

Ed Grimm

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