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Re: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc

Quoting Bart Schaefer (schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> zagzig[21] zcat zsh.exe.gz | strings -a | less +/zshrc

Actually, I tried just that - but I figured that it would not work
as there is no directories /etc on Windows systems.  :-/

> So of course c:\zshrc isn't going to work; it's looking for .zshrc
> (which prehaps you can't create on a Win95 machine because of the
> silly 8.3 filename rule, though I'm pretty sure you can on NT).

Well, how could I be sure?  Actually, I find that using "zshrc" would
be a nice workaround because of the "8.3" filename convention.

> So you either need to create a c:\etc\zshrc (and zlogin and zshenv
> and zlogout if you want) or find out what zsh thinks $HOME is set to
> (by starting zsh and typing "echo $HOME")
> and put files with names starting with a "." in there, if you can.

I'd rather look into a manual explaining this.  (hint hint ;-)

> It appears, from further perusal of the strings output, that $HOMEDRIVE
> and $HOMEPATH are used to generate part of the default $Path,
> as is a variable $ZSHROOT that isn't used in unix zsh.

I understand that the following "filenames" should work then:


Now, which order do these take?  Amol?

A rough summary of this can be read on


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