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Re: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc

Quoting Amol Deshpande (amold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> There is no problem creating .zshrc on win9x.
> just use a real editor like vim :-) even notepad will do it in a pinch.
> or, copy zshrc .zshrc.

Sure - I don't have a problem with the editor (using vim, of course)
but I am simply not sure about its possible placements ("directory").
Furthermore, the README does not give explicit examples which it should.

And I always thought that the value of a variable on the DOS shell
is "%var%" and not "$var".  or has this changed with WindowsNT?

> 7. HOME directory:
> -----------------
> zsh sets the HOME directory if it's not already set. It uses
> the windows directory on win95, $HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH on nt <4.0,
> and $USERPROFILE on NT 4.0 and higher.
> If ZSHDOTDIR is set, zsh sets home to "youdonthavehomeset". This
> is to avoid crashing in places where the shell expects a home directory.
> Picking a real default would defeat the purpose of not setting home.
> (that means you can set ZSHDOTDIR instead of HOME for your startup files)

Well - what is the difference between these methods?
What is the "windows directory" on Windows95
(ie how is this defined in a Windows setup)?

Anyway - this is what I understand so far:

	Windows95:     C:\WINDOWS\.zshrc
	WindowsNT-3.x: $HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH\.zshrc
	WindowsNT-4.x: $USERPROFILE\.zshrc
Is this correct now?  Can someone come up with a shorter description?

For WindowsNT-4.x - in which order are the various locations checked?

The value of a variable on Windows cannot be used as $VAR (I think)
but needs to be specified as %VAR% - and this is only possible in batch files.
Right or wrong?

I am looking forward to a concise but precise description and
I would love to summarize the info I get - but I need answers.
I think this should be possible somehow.
Or do I have to deassemble the binary?


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