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Re: 3.1.4 and su

On Sep 15,  5:13pm, Jerry Alexandratos wrote:
} Subject: 3.1.4 and su
} I've been using 3.1.4 for a while now, and I'm finally getting around to
} asking this question.
} When I do a "su -m" my environment isn't kept.  Of course this isn't a
} problem under 3.0.5.

Depending on how you installed 3.1.4, it could be the case that your
$SHELL is not listed in /etc/shells.  That affects behavior of su -m.

It's also possible that the environment isn't kept under 3.0.5 either,
but that your init files are being sourced at startup of su -m in 3.0.5
yet are not sourced in 3.1.4.

3.1.4 automatically puts itself in "priveleged" state when UID and EUID
are not equivalent.  That causes it to skip sourcing $HOME/.zshrc et. al.
3.0.5 has no notion of "priveleged" and always sources the init files.

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