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Manpage improvement

I often find myself using constructs like this one:

";foo=($(locate Argentina|grep .mp3));IFS=$oldifs;x11amp "${(@)foo}"

to supply x11amp with a set of quoted filenames on the
commandline. I was just about to ask for a more convenient way of
doing this, when I suddenly understood a section of the manual, and
then had no less than three other synonymous ways of doing this:

x11amp "${(@s:
:)$(locate Argentina|grep .mp3)}"

x11amp "${(@ps:\n:)$(locate Argentina|grep .mp3)}"

x11amp "${(@f)$(locate Argentina|grep .mp3)}"

It really is sad that it is so difficult to parse the man pages. Why
is the documentation in this sad state? Is it because it's more fun
coding the features than it is documenting them?

I hope this might qualify as an example to spice up future zsh

/Johan Sundström,

* Alsättersgatan 5A/34    *   Master of Science student in   *
* S-584 35  LINKÖPING     * Computer Science and Engineering *
* SWEDEN                  *     at  Linköping University     *
* johsu650@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx *

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