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Re: How to trigger the death of zsh(3.0.5)

I did blather:

> Verily did Mircea Damian write:

>> 1)
>>  I posted a while ago a message about the "disappearing zsh".
>>  I'm still using zsh-3.0.5(the one which comes with slackware 3.5) and I
>> found a way to trigger the death of zsh:
>>  I'm doing a backward-i-search(Ctrl-r) for "ls"(without quotes) and
>>  instead of pressing enter I'm hitting Ctrl-C(which is interrupt key for
>>  my terminal) so he prompt for search is disappearing. Then it's enough
>>  to type "ls", enter and the shell is dead.

>> My machine is linux-2.0.33 on a ix86 architecture(P200) with slackware 3.5.

> I can reproduce this bug on Solaris-2.6/sparc, SunOS 4.1.3_U1/sparc, and
> NetBSD-1.3.2/i386.

>> Here is the /etc/zprofile(which is linked to /etc/zshrc):

> [...]

>> setopt histignoredups histignorespace nobeep autocd autolist nonomatch
>> appendhistory nobgnice correctall histnostore listtypes

> I removed my .zshenv (no other zsh files) and went through my configuration
> line-by-line (option-by-option) to determine which one was consistently
> killing off my shell.  I found:

> ====
> : wst103:~; telnet localhost
> Trying
> Connected to localhost.
> Escape character is '^]'.

> SunOS 5.6

> login: windsor
> Password: 
> Last login: Thu Oct  8 13:47:59 from localhost
> wst103% setopt prompt_subst
> (C-r, ls, C-c)
> wst103% ls
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> ====

> But I couldn't accurately reproduce the bug with your list of setopts, just
> "prompt_subst" (which you don't have listed).

Oh, one other addition to this:

If you use C-g (emacs "abort" keybinding instead of terminal INTR), your
shell doesn't blow out.

-- Rob
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Life: Rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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