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Re: Strange behaviour of zsh-3.1.5 on IRIX 6.2

RoboHak writes:

 > I just installed 3.1.5 on my linux system and had the same problem when I
 > told it to use ncurses.  It segfaults doing a wrefresh().  I told it to
 > use termcap again, and now it works fine.  That might fix your problems on
 > IRIX also.

I did not tell it to use either one. When I build on an IRIX 6.4
machine, the configuration is:

zsh version               : 3.1.5
host operating system     : mips-sgi-irix6.4
source code location      : .
compiler                  : cc
executable compiler flags :  -O
executable linker flags   :   -s 
library flags             : -ldl -ltermcap -lc 
binary install path       : /usr/local/bin
man page install path     : /usr/local/man
info install path         : /usr/local/info

After the build the shell works just fine on this particular
machine. But on another O2 machine I simply get: "13116:-zsh: rld:
Fatal Error: attempted access to unresolvable symbol in -zsh:

I am not a 100% sure what IRIX version this other machine is
running. Is it possible that it might have a problem with a zsh build
on a 6.4 system?

BTW: As I wrote before: zsh-3.0.5 build the same way as above was
running just fine.

BTW 2: cc -version: Mongoose Compilers: Version 7.10 (no gcc available
on the system)



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