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scripting problem: vi and multiple arguments

I'm writing a front end to RCS.  (very very small) to deal with people
being forgetful about removing file locks.

I want to parse the command line to the script like this:

rvi file1 file2...

And then I want to call vi like this:

vi file1 file2

however, as I loop through the arguments to rvi, unlocking as needed, yadda 
yadda, I build a variable called $EDFILES

then I call 


however, zsh is sending all of $EDFILES to vi as one string to argv[1].  I
want each entry in $EDFILES to be a seperate entry into argv.

How can I do this?

Should I build $EDFILES differently?

I could do:

for i in $EDFILES; do
   vi $i

but that would be different from how vi works with multiple files, and I
want this to be as seamless as possible....

RTFM's welcome with a pointer to the right FM.

Thanks for any help;

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author