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Re: [3.1.5] Bug report

On Nov 11,  3:23pm, Marc Baudoin wrote:
} Subject: [3.1.5] Bug report
} The new zsh seems to have problems with files whose name contains
} non ASCII characters:
} skiff:~/tmp> cat généalogie 
} zsh: command not found: alogie

I can reproduce this in both the base 3.1.5 and in my own heavily-patched
copy (similar to the patched version PWS made available a few days ago).
I can confirm that it does not occur in an equivalently-configured 3.0.5.

} Other problem, I've mapped the up and down arrows to the
} up-line-or-search and down-line-or-search functions (which I find
} quite useful):
} bindkey '^[[B'  down-line-or-search
} bindkey '^[[A'  up-line-or-search
} but the arrow keys then don't work anymore.

This is fixed by the patch in zsh-workers/4476, which wasn't included
in the base 3.1.5, I presume because it also restores some other 3.0.5
behavior that the archive maintainer doesn't agree with.

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