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Re: How to NOT allow LC_COLLATE to corrupt globbing ???

Stucki wrote:
> So now I'd like to ***compile*** my zsh in a way that makes sure
> I *always* use the standard collating sequence like LC_COLLATE=C
> (or may be LC_COLLATE=us).
> Is there a way to configure this in, by editing some config-files ???
> (changing 'config.h' *after* running 'configure'
>  to contain '#define HAVE_LOCALE_H 0' did *not* help!)

I just reread that and the first thing I'd suggest is not defining
HAVE_LOCALE_H at all, since most of the tests are #ifdef's.

If that's not it, here's what I wrote before I realised what the
problem probably was.

zsh will only ever call setlocale() if LC_ALL is defined, which
usually happens in locale.h; zsh will not define it itself.  So either
the definition is creeping in some other way on your system --- you
could look at the post-prerprocessor output to see what files are
being included --- or the locale you are in is the default one.  If
it's the former you might try sticking #undef LC_ALL at the end of
system.h, since config.h probably gets included too early to do
anything about it without some more detective work.  If it's the
second (which seems pretty unlikely) you can't get away without at
least one call to setlocale().

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