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Redirecting variable fds

Okay, I'm stumped.  I'm trying to write a function which has as one of
its arguments a file-descriptor, which should be redirected to another
arg.  My attempt is:
function bar {
	DEBUGMEM_INFOFD=$1 LD_PRELOAD=./bar.so $argv[3,-1] $1>$2
bar 5 test.out some-command and-an-arg

Unfortunately, somewhere in parsing, the ``$1>$2'' bit expands out to
become ``5 > test.out'' which adds an extra arg and redirects stdout.

By quick-hack was to just shove it onto the input buffer:
function bar {
	print -z DEBUGMEM_INFOFD=$1 LD_PRELOAD=./bar.so $argv[3,-1] "$1>$2"
and then press return.  This is not exactly optimal.  What am I doing
wrong?  Is there something I'm missing or is this the best solution?

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