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Using zle in other applications

Hi all --

I was heartened to see in the zsh 3.1.x distribution that Zle seems to
be a little more separate from the rest of the source, being in its own
directory and all.  I optimistically took that to mean that there is (or 
might someday be) a well-defined API for using Zle in programs *other*
than zsh.  Is this in fact the case?  If so, is it documented anywhere?

In particular, I'm interesting in writing extension modules for both
Python and Perl to make Zle available in my two favourite scripting
languages.  Seem reasonable?  (Or, better yet, has anyone already
tackled this?)

Hope I get a reply soon, because I'm going to go off and pore through
the Zle source until my eyes bug out of my head, or someone tells me I'm 
wasting my time, or points me at the mythical Zle API document, or

Thanks --

Greg Ward, programmer-at-large        email: gward@xxxxxxx

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author