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Re: trying to learn zstyle

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> ...
> Shao Zhang wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 	I am trying to learn zstyle to do command completion, but I am
> > 	very very confused how everything works after reading the doc
> > 	and trying out.
> It's quite complicated.  I'm working on the chapter of my zsh guide which
> deals with completion to try to help.

Sigh. I hope that all this is mainly a problem of me not being able to
describe things in an understandable way in the docs. And maybe we
should also try to make the manual clearer -- but I fear I'm too deep
into all this code again to know what exactly would be helpful...

> ...
> We ought to add things like the handling function to the output of ^Xh
> (that's what tells you the context you're completing in).  It helps in this
> case a bit, because if you did it with `hello' you'd have got:
> tags in context `:complete::hello:': 
>     files
>     all-files
> which would have told you that the only valid tags were files and
> all-files, but not hosts.

The directly-calling-function isn't always helpful (it may be
_arguments or _describe), so the patch below shows what is hopefully
the most interesting part of the function call stack. The problem is
that this may make the display look ugly because it may result in
lines longer than screen width. And making it list the functions one
per line may quickly result in lists longer than screen height. Hm.
Any suggestions for a better layout?


diff -u -r oldcompletion/Commands/_complete_help Completion/Commands/_complete_help
--- oldcompletion/Commands/_complete_help	Fri Dec 17 21:39:20 1999
+++ Completion/Commands/_complete_help	Mon Jan  3 22:09:02 2000
@@ -1,11 +1,8 @@
 #compdef -k complete-word \C-xh
 _complete_help() {
-  local _sort_tags=_help_sort_tags text i
-  typeset -A help_tags
-  typeset -U help_contexts
-  help_contexts=()
+  local _sort_tags=_help_sort_tags text i j
+  typeset -A help_funcs help_tags
   compadd() { return 1 }
@@ -13,9 +10,12 @@
   unfunction compadd
-  for i in "$help_contexts[@]"; do
+  for i in "${(@k)help_funcs}"; do
-tags in context \`${i}': ${help_tags[$i]}"
+tags in context ${i}"
+    for j in "${(@s.:.)help_funcs[$i][2,-1]}"; do
+      text="${text}${help_tags[${i}${j}]}	(${j})"
+    done
   compstate[list]='list force'
@@ -25,10 +25,13 @@
 _help_sort_tags() {
-  help_contexts=( "$help_contexts[@]" "$curcontext" )
-  help_tags[$curcontext]="${help_tags[$curcontext]}
-    ${argv}"
-  comptry "$@"
+  local f="${${${funcstack[3,(i)_(main_complete|complete|approximate|normal)]}% *}#_(wanted|requested) }"
+  if [[ "$help_funcs[$curcontext]" != *${f}* ]]; then
+    help_funcs[$curcontext]="${help_funcs[$curcontext]}:${f}"
+    help_tags[${curcontext}${f}]="${help_tags[$curcontext]}
+      ${argv}"
+    comptry "$@"
+  fi
 _complete_help "$@"

Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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