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Re: Complete Filenames With Spaces...

On Jan 12,  5:38pm, Rafael Garcia wrote:
} Subject: Complete Filenames With Spaces...
} 	I would like to know if there is *any* way to make zsh complete
} filenames that include spaces; that is, after a first completion up to a
} "with-spaces" point pressing <tab> completes nothing, while pressing <tab>
} if no spaces were in the previuos completion works perfectly.

It'd help to know whether you're using zsh-3.1.6 or later, or zsh-3.0.7 or
before.  It'd also help to see "ls" output or the like showing the names
that you expect to be completed.

Completion of a file with a space in the name should look someting like
this, where <TAB> indicates the point at which the TAB key is pressed:

zagzig[22] ls A<TAB>
zagzig[22] ls Adair\ County\ Brochure.doc 
                                          ^cursor here

Or if the completion is ambiguous:

zagzig[22] ls H<TAB>
zagzig[22] ls Historic\ Weddings<TAB>
zagzig[22] ls Historic\ Weddings          
Historic\ Weddings\ page\ 2.doc   Historic\ Weddings.doc 

The latter behavior assumes you have "autolist" and "listambiguous" set,
which is the case by default in 3.1.6 but not in 3.0.7.

(For those of you wondering why I have documents about historic Adair
County weddings lying around on my disk, it has to do with the B&B that
my mother runs back in Iowa.)

Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern Enterprises
http://www.well.com/user/barts              http://www.brasslantern.com

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