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RE: remote function problems.

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

> You most probably have call to stty in your .zshrc or /etc/zshrc (that is being
> executed for every interactive shell; and you force your shell to be interactive
> with -i option).

yes, I do have a stty erase call in my .zshrc  

> 1. Do not use -i option. Why do you need it?

if I don't specify -i, it doesn't find my functions... I get:

$ ssh hostname zsh -c function
slipcon's password:
zsh: command not found: function

this is because I load my functions in my .zshrc - they're all in a file
called zfunc, and I say:

# load functions (necessary for completions)
[[ -r $HOME/.zsh/zfunc ]] && source $HOME/.zsh/zfunc

in my zshrc.  (which is directly before I load in my completions, which
are in $HOME/.zsh/zcomp)

> 2. Wrap call to stty around
> if [[ -t 0 ]]; then
> 	stty ...
> fi

that worked, although maybe I'm not going about it the right way.  Any
more suggestions about my problem are welcome!  Thanks for your help.


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