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Re: completion but extra options allowed

Hi Bart,

> This means that you type "mutt -f +<TAB>" and zsh will complete files in
> your $HOME/Mail directory following the + sign.  Mutt understands the + as
> an abbreviation for the mail directory.  In the absence of a +, zsh just
> completes file names after "mutt -f".
This is exactly what I am trying to teach zsh-3.1.6.pws16 to do.

> Finally, if you're using zsh-3.1.6*, you can get this and more "for free"
> by enabling the new completion system.  Look up "compinit" in the manual.
Hm, not here. :-(

eule:~>mutt -<TAB>
-F -- init file
-H -- draft file
-R -- open in read-only mode

eule:~>mutt -f <TAB>

eule:~>mutt -f +<TAB>

I guess the '+' is not implemented (yet), right?
Looking at _mutt (as a zsh-novice) I can't find anything like it.

And it doesn't expand local filenames either:
eule:~>cd Mail
eule:~/Mail>mutt -f a<TAB>

BTW, _mailboxes expects the "mailboxes" definition to be in ~/.muttrc.  I
had to change it, because I've got it in ~/.mutt/local, which is sourced
from ~/.muttrc.  The same goes for the aliases. :-(


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