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Re: Completion

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:

> > Say I press TAB after this:
> >  $ scp foo me@bar:/usr/local/_
> > Then I would like to see the files and directories on the remote host "bar",
> > but what I see is the possible completions for my own host.
> Hm. Depending on what you think about us[1], you may think that we:
> 1) weren't sure if we should do that (and how: using `rsh ... ls' or
>    zftp), because there may be systems without rsh (offering only
>    ssh),
ssh falls back to rsh if there is no ssh on the remote host.
(if configured so)

>    because you may need something like .rhosts for this to work, 
>    which is evil,
Not necessarily: public keys in .ssh/authorized_keys is the better

> because it can get pretty expensive, right[2]?
True, but not as expensive as opening a new shell, ssh-ing to the remote
machine and looking for the right path/filenames manually. :-)

> 2) were just too lazy to implement that[3]
I wouldn't call it lazy.  I guess there were and are more important things
to do.  And I wasn't saying that it is bad that zsh doesn't have this
functionality.  I was just asking whether someone on the list has done this 
already so that I don't have to start thinking myself.  So who is lazy? :-)

> [2] This only really means that we should make it configurable: to use 
>     either rsh or zftp or not try remote-completion and so on...
Using ssh with its fallback-to-rsh-option should be enough.  If that fails
a simple "remote host denies access" is sufficient, I would say.

> [3] Actually, I *had* thought about trying to do that, was slightly
>     scared because of 2) and then forgot.
Granted. :-)


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