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RE: ksh93

> Not that I'm suggesting zsh isn't better---the completion that zsh is
> clearly better, but having this available ought to make compatibility
> easier to ensure.

>From ksh93 release:

KSH-93 uses a hierarchal name space for variables. Compound variables can be
defined and variables can be passed by reference. In addition, each variable
can have one or more disciplines associated with it to intercept assignments
and references.

(I just thought about it. Pasing by reference should make real difference in
speed. I believe, completion functions pass large amount of read-only
information around)

KSH-93 can be extended by adding built-in commands at run time. In addition,
KSH-93 can be used as a library that can be embedded into an application to
allow scripting.

(Sometimes I wish ZSH globbing and/or completion library.)


Have a nice DOS!
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