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Re: case-insensitive filename completion?

On Mar 16,  3:13pm, John S Cooper wrote:
} Subject: case-insensitive filename completion?
} Has anyone considered adding [case-insensitive filename completion] to
} the unix version?

It's in the 3.1.6 development series.  You can find a fairly recent copy
of the source under ftp.zsh.org:/pub/development/.  There are several ways
to configure it; the most direct is:

	zstyle ":completion:*" matcher-list 'm:{A-Za-z}={a-zA-Z}'

which means that any letter on the command line (left of the `=') matches
any letter of the opposite case in the completions (right of the `='), in
addition to matching itself.  If you prefer case folding in only one

	zstyle ":completion:*" matcher-list 'm:{A-Z}={a-z}'

maps upper case on the command line to lower case in the completions.

There are zstyle settings to control spelling correction, approximate
matching, and a wide variety of other completion-driven manipulations.

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