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New user questions

Hi.  I just joined.

For the past 10-15 years I have been using the original AT&T bourne
shell into which I have hacked various interactive editing functions. 
The time has come to dump this thing - the maintenance is too high.

I'd like to use zsh and I must say that I am _very_ impressed by the
quality and professionalism of the website, documentation, mailing list
and software.  Congratulations!

A few little problems I have observed:

1: When I printed zsh_a4.ps on an HP LaserJet 4 the last few columns
were truncated.

2: When I installed zsh-3.1.6dev20-1mdk (Mandrake's RPM) I notice that
'man zshall' produces 11 lines of the form:

<standard input>:291: can't open `man1/zshmisc.1': No such file or
<standard input>:292: can't open `man1/zshexpn.1': No such file or

And a few questions, please.

I am trying to emulate some functions of which I have become very fond
and there are just a few which for I have not been able to find the zsh

Impromptu directory listing

prompt> cd /usr/src/li^R
linux/                  linux-2.2.9/            linux-2.3.99-pre3/

So typing ^R in a command line produces a diectory listing of matching
files and allows you to continue typing.


pwold011:~> /sbin/shutdown
shutdown: must be root.
pwold011:~> sudo ^W

Here, typing ^W will insert _all_ of the previous line at the prompt.
(I'd expected get-line to do this, but it just beeps...)


prompt> cp /foo/bar /zot/bop
prompt> ls /fo^C

Here, ^C will search back through the word history and insert
'/foo/bar'.  If I immediately hit ^C again, it will rub out the 'o/bar'
and search further back in history, so one can just keep hitting ^C.


This normally generates interrupt.  Is there a way of making it
available to the interactive editor without globally sttying it? (The
shell would need to restore the intr char when it leaves editing mode).

Bidirectional directory history

I'd like to be able to 'cd' back to somewhere where I used to be.  I
have this set up nicely using popd.  But once I've gone back a few
levels with multiple popd's I would like to go forward again.  A ring,
rather than a stack.



The insert-last-word widget will insert the last word of the previous
line.  Hitting it again inserts the last word of the line before that.

I would like to do something similar, but have it walk back through all
the previous words, not just the final ones on each line:

prompt> echo aaa bbb ccc ddd
prompt> echo ^O        # Expands to echo ddd
prompt> echo ^O^O      # Expands to echo ccc



Is there a widget which deletes from the cursor to the end of line?

Changing separators

All the editor commands define a word separator as a space.  Is there a
way of changing zsh's idea of word separators?  I would prefer that it
consider '/' to be a separator as well.


If asynchronous output mucks up the editor output, how to redraw it? 
'clear-screen' will do the job, but I'd prefer it not clear the screen.


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