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zle questions


I've been using zsh-3.1.6 since a few weeks. I've two questions about
everyday usage :


I like the menu completion feature (not complist) but I've still
haven't found how to stop the completion when I've found the file I'm
interested in :

mylogin@mymachine ~> ls /

then TAB 

and zsh cycles trough the directories of /

If I choose /usr, I would like to hit a key to tell zsh to stop the
completion, put /usr/ on the command-line and continue the menu
completion in /usr

I thought the zle function accept-and-menu-complete could do the job
but instead, it inserts the current completion followed by a space...

2) Is it possible in zle to specify word boundaries when using
   backward-kill-word ?

In GNU Bash, you can do the following :

mylogin@mymachine ~> ls /usr/X11R6/bin 

and if you want to execute 'ls' in '/usr/X11R6/' instead of
'/usr/X11R6/bin', you would hit ^W and it would kill the word '/bin'.
Instead, Zsh kills the whole '/usr/X11R6/bin'. It is because GNU Bash
recognizes '/' as a word boundary by default.

I found this feature quite interesting but maybe there is another way
to do this easily. 

Thanks for your help.

Jean-Baptiste Marchand
Real Unix Books are written with Troff
(W. Richard Stevens)

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