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Re: New user questions

Hi, Sven.

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> ...
> Besides... do you *really* want to remove all keymaps and begin from
> scratch? Why? You would have to add all those self-insert bindings,
> the cursor movement, etc etc etc. Rather tedious.

Well, my bindings are different from anyone else's!  (Back in '86 I
wrote a text editor which mimiced MicroPro WordStar.  I still use it,
evolve it.  To keep myself sane I like the shell's commands to be the
same as the editor's).

I wanted to clean all the emacs bindings out because I have a single-key
^X command.  The presence of the double-key emacs ^X commands is causing
the single-key ^X to delay 400 mSecs.

Andrei's suggestion worked well.  But I had to put half the emacs
bindings back in to get the arrow keys and things back.  Oh well.

Sorry to hassle you guys so much, but it's good to get it set up just
right.  I expect I'll spend the next 12 years using this shell :-)

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