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Re: RPM completion in dev19 and a suggested change to make completion

"Andrej Borsenkow" <Andrej.Borsenkow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Well, make --version happily tries to do "make all" ... dunno :-( The
> worst case is to use styles.

make -v, then?

Oh, and make -p happily prints the same result, though, so not even
the need for aaaaa hack - just discovered that. That's GNU make only
AFAIK, but heck. At least, now a conditional can be made on whether
make is GNU or not: GNU make -p returns 0, other return non 0. 

> >
> > A little perl will take care of that :)
> I said "native make". That also implies, that Perl may be unavailable. I
> really hate completion functions that depend on tons of other software.

Yup, agreed. Unfortunately, awk scripts very quickly become yet more
unreadable than perl ones... BTW perl even comes standard with AIX 
now :)

> I really resent not having
> > bzImage as a completion target, and after all, maybe there's a way
> > make can list all targets without this hack... But the current
> > limitations of the original script are a nono for me. I always use GNU
> > make.
> >
> Me not. And I'd like Zsh to be used (and useful) not only on Linux. We
> already have enough completion functions that are limited to GNU stuff.

Not my fault if GNU tools are better than their counterparts :)


# rm *;o
o: command not found

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