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RE: Help with functions

I do see the following command in run_masterfile_step:

  this=`basename $0`

but no references at all to 'nofunctionargzero' in my init files.


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On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 10:28:34PM +0200,
Cosgray, Nathan <ncosgray@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to run a complex group of processes that at one time were all
> automated via make, which called functions in a zsh shell script, which in
> turn moved files around and ran sas scripts.  All of this was written
> ago by the predecessor to the predecessor to my predecessor.  To my
> knowledge the last time they were used sucessfully was towards the end of
> 1998.
> Here is the problem that seems to be holding me back.  To be as precise as
> possible, the makefile calls functions within a zsh script in the
> manner:
>   <file1>:
>   	./run_masterfile_step get_file <param1> <param2>
>   <file2>:
>   	./run_masterfile_step get_file <param3> <param4>
>    <file3>:
>   	./run_masterfile_step recalcprep
> Etc.  So, from my makefile, many different zsh functions are called to
> operate on many different files, according to the dependencies defined in
> the makefile and the parameters passed to the various functions in
> run_masterfile_step.

OK, the problem seems very strange, so here goes a _very_ wild guess:
Does "run_masterfile_step" evaluate $0 sometimes and there is now a
"setopt nofunctionargzero" somewhere in you .zshrc (or another
init-file) that wasn't there before?


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