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Re: zsh & HP Term

Bart Schaefer wrote: 

> On Mar 31, 12:16pm, rodriguez_ruggeberg@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> } Subject: zsh & HP Term
> }
> } [...] to my amazement, the program could not pick the arrow keys as   
> } being pressed! This leads me to believe that either the device for    
> } the HP term is "swallowing" the arrow keys, or that the system just   
> } uses a different system to comunicate the arrow keys.
> HPTerm terminals date from the days when even direct connections to the
> mainframe were at 300 baud and it was important to transmit as little as
> possible between the terminal and the host.  So the HPTerm has all sorts
> of smarts of its own -- all the cursor movement and forms-based data
> entry takes place *in the terminal*, and then a whole screenful of it
> is sent back at once.

Propably not strictly related to zsh, but I'll ask anyway: I'm having a
bit different problem with terminal under HPUX 10.20. Most if not all
programs I run seem to ruin my terminal settings so that when I return to
zsh, arrow keys work no more. When I login (using ssh under xterm) I can
use arrow keys, but after for example using less, arrow keys just produce
'A' and 'B' and some control characters. When I press up and down arrow, I
get 'A', and 'B' on the next line. The cursor is then after 'A':

prompt % A_

Most of the time 'reset' restores the arrow keys, but not always. ttyctl
-f does not help. This also happens very rarely under linux. Sometimes
when I log out from HPUX back to linux, the arrow keys are still missing
(most of the time, they are not). In this case, they seem to be harder to

Now, I believe this must be quite a typical problem, but I've not found a
cure. I've also not found a good FAQ or web page on these terminal
problems. Typing reset after every command is tedious. Perhaps somebody
could help me here?

"Olet sietämätön tyyppi
  Ja mielipiteesi ovat vääriä
   Älä soita tänne enää koskaan!" - Ultra Bra

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