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Re: zsh 3.1.6/7 and cygwin 1.x

Johannes Mähner <johanm@xxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:Is anyone of you running zsh-3.1.6/7 with the cygwin 1.x system? 
:(Compiling works fine, invoking a non-builtin-command 
:yields a status access violation on my system (WinNT 4 + SP5))

I had few problems on NT4/SP6 or 2000 with a couple of zsh-3.1.6-dev versions.
Should build fairly cleanly.  I've a binary at:

Oh, one thing I've just remembered.  I had to stop it from trying to
use mmap - I didn't know if it was specific to me or if it was more general.
Editing config.h and undefining HAVE_MMAP may fix your problem.

:NOTE: I have already opened a thread in the cygwin mailing list,
:but if one of you has some usefull information to this issue, there
:could be a nice synergy-effect for both mailing lists ;-)

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