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Re: dev-19 -> 20: special-dirs changed?

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> _path_files now recognizes special-dirs only when one of -f or -/ is used.
> The doc says that -f means "complete all files."  However, _files always
> calls `_path_files -g ...' so there's no way to get special-dirs to be
> recognized for default file completions.
> This is presumably a bug, but whether it's a bug in _path_files or _files
> I don't know.

Hm, haven't heard anything about this issue since.  Did it make it onto
the bug list?  I still find it pretty annoying that completion doesn't
work in these cases. :-(

I investigated a little more:
Here are cases where no slash is appended after hitting TAB:
cd bar/..
mv foo ..
mv foo ../bar/..
ls ..
ls ../bar/..

And here are cases where a slash is appended:
cd ..
cd ../bar/..
mv foo ../bar
ls ../bar

Thanks for any help,

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