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Re: Stable?

On May 29, 10:21am, James Kirkpatrick wrote:
} Subject: Re: Stable?
} OK, I'll play "straight man" in this exchange.
} If it's changing so fast, how can it be called stable :-)

It doesn't crash or behave in a destructive manner, i.e., a particular
installation can be stable if you're not trying to follow every little
change via the CVS server on sourceforge.net.
} Perhaps one needs to distinguish between "stable" and
} "production-quality".  If the changes are bug fixes then I'd not call it
} production-ready.  If the changes are additional new features, or the bugs
} are extremely obscure, then I might.

Most of the bugs are obscure.  Occasionally one becomes less obscure in
the course of attempting to fix the obscure ones.  But new features are
still being added, too, which means still more obscure bugs.

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