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Re: ever-expanding ZLS_COLORS

On Jun 16,  9:40am, Matthew Lovell wrote:
} Subject: ever-expanding ZLS_COLORS
} Now, everytime I attempt a completion which uses zsh-options, it seems
} ZLS_COLORS just continues to grow

Yes, I was noticing this myself.  It's happening because some code at the
top of the _setup function tries to merge your list-colors style with the
existing global value of $ZLS_COLORS, but then the old value of $ZLS_COLORS
doesn't get automatically restored when completion is done (the code to do
the restore in _main_complete is conditional upon $compstate[old_list]).

The best workaround for the time being is to assign to ZLS_COLORS in your
precmd function.  If you don't already have a precmd, it'd look like this:

    function precmd() {

Otherwise just add that assignment to whatever you already have in precmd.

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