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completing from history


I am looking for a function like dabbrev-expand in Emacs, which should
search through the history text.

Here is a description of the emacs function:
| Expands to the most recent, preceding word for which this is a prefix.
| If the cursor has not moved from the end of the previous expansion and no
| argument is given, replace the previously-made expansion with the next
| possible expansion not yet tried.

For example:
$ echo Hi this is a test.
Hi this is a test.
$ echo t[dabbrev-key]
$ echo test
$ echo test[dabbrev-key]
$ echo this

On Adam Spier's zsh page (http://www.new.ox.ac.uk/~adam/computing/zsh/) I found
these lines in his .zsh
 # {{{ Simulate my old dabbrev-expand 3.0.5 patch 
 zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' stop 'verbose'
 zstyle ':completion:*:history-words' remove_all_dups 'yep'
 # }}}

But I must admit that I don't understand what I can do with it.
(better send a copy of this mail to him, too. :-)

Thanks a lot,

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