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RE: --help trough _use_lo , but how with -h style?

I am not sure what do you mean. _use_lo simply does very general parsing
of 'command --help' output. But note, that --help is de facto standard
for GNU long options; and help format is more or less (actually, much
less :-) similar between commands. What you want is a function that
would parse general output of arbitrary command and generate useful
completion out of this. I doubt that it ever be possible.

Please, note, that as far as I can tell --help parsing is used only in
three completion functions currently - _configure, _tar and _gdb. Of
these three I  believe that _tar and _gdb use it only for historical
reasons - the single command where this makes sense is _configure.

Note, that parsing of help text has many drawbacks. You cannot supply
description; you cannot define mutualy excluding options; you cannot
define mutually dependent options or option sets. I.e. _arguments is
much better suited - with the additional cost of writing separate
function for every command.

Are you aware about _arguments and it's possibilities?


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> Subject: --help trough _use_lo , but how with -h style?
> Hi again,
> After I got the information about the use of `compdef _use_lo
> x y z' to
> have x y and z commands completed I asked myself:
> How can i do it with these `-h' commands. e.g. mutt only wants
> -x flags. i would like to have such commands being completed just
> like the much nicer to read --x commands. is there a function
> already for these kind of commands? (I am not talking about a
> specific mutt completion though that may be nice, too.)
> BTW: i used to use perl for having --help commands being
> completed and i have a function that does it with -h commands ,
> too,  but it would be much nicer, if there was such a function in
> plain-zsh already. Thats why i ask.
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