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FreeBSD 5.0 and zsh 3.0.7 rare bug

[Will: I cc:'d you since you're the MAINTAINER for the port]

For some weird reason every now and then my output got arsed.

I could do a ls -asl and get good output, then run a command, perhaps
interrupt it, and then try ls -asl again to get the output all mixed up.

After some inspection I came to the discovery that zsh sometimes out of
itself sets stty's icrnl option.  Which obviously messes up output.  I
have no idea what can cause this.

And since I don't have any tests which can reproduce it I cannot file
this as a bug.

The command I run may be a different command each time.  There's no
common program.  This particular case which let me find it was when
using truss.

Hope this helps somewhat,

Jeroen Ruigrok vd Werven/Asmodai    asmodai@[wxs.nl|bart.nl|freebsd.org]
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