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Re: Matthias Kopfermann: Re: coloring of --help completion possible?

On Jul 4,  6:17pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I'm sure Someone knows about this.

I guess I'll try to Be Someone ...

} ------- Forwarded Message
} From: Matthias Kopfermann <kopfermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
} but when i used
} zstyle '*:options' list-colors '=l*=34:=v*=35'
} I have not been any more successful.

What other styles do you have defined?

For example,

    zstyle ':completion:*' list-colors ...

is considered "more specific" than

    zstyle '*:options' list-colors ...

so the latter style will never be used if the former is defined.

Arguably this is backwards and the test for "more specific" should be
done from right to left, but somebody can probably come up with an
example to the contrary.

A second problem is that `l*' and `v*' won't match the name of any
option.  Options all start with `-', and only options that start with
`--' are completed by _use_lo, so you probably meant to say

    zstyle '*:options' list-colors '=--l*=34:=--v*=35'

Do either of those answers fix things up?

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