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Re: ZLE Widget: Insert last word (except &)

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> On Jul 12,  6:38pm, Christoph Lange wrote:
> } Subject: Re: ZLE Widget: Insert last word (except &)
> }
> } There is another bug in your version of smart-insert-last-word: repeated
> } calls to it don't go back in the history.
> Oops, I forgot about that behavior.
> } Rather than doing the word
> } splitting yourself, you should always call insert-last-word
> Nah.
> The fiddling with NUMERIC below serves two purposes:  One, it passes the
> same value to both up-history and down-history without having to pass an
> argument to each.  Two, `zle WIDGET -n NUM' is broken for NUM > 9.
> ---- 8< ---- cut ---- 8< ----
> # smart-insert-last-word
> [...]

I didn't understand all of it, but now the functions even fails doing
elementar things:

% echo a &
% echo
  ^ [Alt+.] pressed

I found out another interesting thing about my first version. zsh goes up in
the history on subsequent calls of insert-last-word, but from the widget's
point of view, the position in the history remains the same. Either
determining the previous line with `fc -n -l -1' or -- like in your widget
-- going up the history and reading from $BUFFER always returns the previous
line relative from the position where the user started calling
insert-last-word. Just look at the following result:

% echo 1
% echo 1&
% [[Subsequent invocations of insert-last-word:]]
1. `1'
2. `echo'

lastcmd always contains `echo 1&', regardless of the shell going up the
history. Thus, the last but one word is inserted into the command line.

What to do?


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