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Re: _arguments question

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 10:57:20AM +0200, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> Matt Armstrong wrote:
> > I have this completion function that I have a question on:
> > 
> > _p4_submit () {
> >     _arguments \
> >         '(-i)-c[changelist#]:changelist #' \
> >         '(-c)-i[input from stddin]' \
> >         ':submit file:_files'
> > }       
> > 
> > I have made -i and -c mutually exclusive.  How can I make all three
> > mutually exclusive?  This command accepts only one of the three
> > possible arguments.
> To say that with either of the options, the argument may not be
> completed, you include either its number or a `:' in their exclusion
> lists (the `:' means that no argument at all may be completed after
> the option).

Ahh, neat trick.  I would suggest adding this to the man page -- I
could not find it.

> To say that after the argument no option should be completed, there
> are at least two ways. Either you give it a exclusion list, too
> (`(-c -i):submit ...') or you use the -A option to _arguments:
>     _arguments -A '' \
>         '(: -i)-c[changelist#]:changelist #' \
>         '(: -c)-i[input from stddin]' \
>         ':submit file:_files'
> The argument given to -A (the '' in the example) can be used to give
> a pattern matching strings that should be silently accepted and
> should not be considered to be normal arguments. E.g. if there may
> be other options than the ones described, you would use `-A "-*"' to
> say that any string starting with a hyphen should be ignored when
> trying to determine if a string on the line is an argument or
> something else.

Thanks.  :-(  I should have seen that in the docs.

P.S. I was worried that this new completion stuff would take zsh too
far down the road of making zsh the "Emacs of shells."  But now I am
beginning to really like it.  Thanks for all the work you've put into
it -- this is not a trivial task.


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