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Re: completion position

On 07/15/00, Christoph Lange said:
>> I can't find how to move the completion cursor position :
>> i've always that :
>> shell> cd /usr/<tab>				_
>> X11R6/            i486-linuxlibc1/  local/            spool/
>> bin/              include/          man/              src/
>> doc/              info/             sbin/
>> games/            lib/              share/
>I had a similar problem when I had some escape codes in my prompt, which set
>the xterm title bar. I think zsh calculates the cursor position depending on
>the length of the prompt. Of course, zsh did not understand that a certain
>part of the text actually appeared in the title bar and not in the command
>line prompt and therefore assumed a wrong length andq set the cursor to a
>wrong position.

from the zshall manpage, under PROMPT EXPANSION:

              Include a string as a literal escape sequence.  The
              string within the braces should not change the cur-
              sor position.  Brace pairs can nest.

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