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Re: wanted: viins-mode and digit argument with a,i,A and such

> } > when i use bindkey -e, i can insert one character 10 times with
> } > ESC 10 <character>.
> } > 
> } > With vi one normally uses something like 10i<character>.
> } > This is not possible with ZSH ( bindkey -v set ).
> } 
> } If you are using 3.1, try a widget like [...]
> I generally agree with the new philosophy of not adding things as builtins
> that can be done as widgets, but this is so unbelievably trivial and so
> completely general that I have no idea why we shouldn't do it:

This isn't quite how vi handles it, however.  It would wait till you hit
escape, then insert everything you typed that many times.  That would need
more work.  Plus in zsh there are other ways of exiting insert mode than
returning to command mode --- what should happen on `return'?

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