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Re: [TDG] Zsh-module for Dotfile Generator

Juhapekka Tolvanen <juhtolv@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

| IMNSHO somebody should create Zsh-module for Dotfile Generator:
| http://www.imada.ou.dk/~blackie/dotfile/
| As you can see, it can create dotfiles for bash and (gasp!) tcsh already.
| But zsh-module is still missing.
I totally agree! (I'm the author of The Dotfile Generator ;-) and a very
keen ZSH user!

I do however not have time for it myself as I'm working on rewriting TDG
for KDE. 

But if someone wishes to work on it, I'll gladly help with any advice
whatsoever. Don't worry not much work will be required to rewrite the
modules for TDG to the upcoming version of TDG.


Do you need help with configuring those awful dot files?
Please consult 

                  The Dotfile Generator

at http://www.imada.sdu.dk/~blackie/dotfile/
help is avilable for bash, elm, fvwm, ipfwadm, procmail, rtin and tcsh.

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