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Completion in the first character position

I am writing a shell script where I'm prompting the user to enter
various information. I'm using vared to read what is entered into a
variable after using compctl -C to setup completions (and a setopt
autolist). I could have used the new style completions but it is a
fairly simple case and I use 3.0.8 where the script will run.

The problem is that when I press tab to complete in the first character
position, a tab is inserted and the completions are not listed. This is
handy at the normal zsh prompt because listing all the commands can be
time consuming but in my script, it is annoying.

Is there an option or something to turn this off? I've looked through
the manual but can't see one. As a feature, it is probably less useful
with the new completion system because the same can be achieved with a
style anyway.


Oliver Kiddle

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author