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Re: how can one let completion work *inside* zsh scripts?

On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 03:21:07PM +0200, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> But that almost suggest (at least to me, striving for consistency) to
> put everything into a string of the form `<descr>:<action>', where
> <action> is as in _arguments, i.e.:
>   {...}               = evaluate `...'
>   (1 2)               = complete `1' and `2'
>   (( 1\:foo 2\:bar )) = complete `1' and `2' and describe them as
>                         `foo' and `bar' in the list
> Hm, is this going too far? Or should we use the array-based solution
> and allow to give the description with another parameter?
it could be me alone, but i guess that arrays for one and then
parameters with another description would be nice.
perhaps because it is easier for the eye. have problems to have a
series of ::: after each other. (my biggest problem with the new
completion system. thats like using FPATH instead of fpath, i
like the new way that ZSH solves the problem of pathes with an
array. it's not the same here but it still is full of words.)
> Or should we just support compcontext-as-array without (a)
> description(s) (and the `func()' form) and let user's use functions if 
> they need descriptions?
hmm, what do the others think?

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