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Re: need to explicitly create newline on command prompt

On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 10:24:07AM +0200,
Eric Smith <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> <cut and paste from terminal>
> [eric@plum ~]$ perl -e 'print "abc "'
> [eric@plum ~]$ echo abc 
> abc 
> [eric@plum ~]$ perl -e 'print "abc \n"'
> "'abc

How do you get _this_?
Can't reproduce such behaviour.

> [eric@plum ~]$ zsh                  
> [eric@plum ~]$ perl -e 'print "abc "'
> [eric@plum ~]$ perl -e 'print "abc \n"'
> abc 

Yes. This happens because zsh clears the whole line before drawing a
prompt. You can workaround the problem:
precmd() {

> [eric@plum ~]$ bash
> bash-2.03$ perl -e 'print "abc "'
> abc bash-2.03$ perl -e 'print "abc \n"'
> abc 

Bash doesn't clear the line before drawing a prompt, so this behaviour

> With zsh, I have never been able to get output of a perl command
> unless an explicit "\n" is entered.  A straight echo or even:
> echo 324542| sed 's/3/9/g'
> does print out. (Also there is that weird `"'abc' output.
> With bash all is as it should be.
> Any ideas where I could look t fix this?

The perl command issues some output, but the output will be overwritten
by zsh's prompt.


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