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On Aug 14,  9:19pm, FUJITA Yuji wrote:
} I'm running zsh-3.1.6 and quite satisfied with it except for one
} thing. Its about the default value of WORDCHARS which sets zle to skip 
} most of the non-alphabetical characters

It's set up that way so that backward-kill-word will behave like the BSD
tty driver werase character (see "stty -a").

You'll notice that backward-kill-word is bound to ctrl-W by default, which
is also not loke emacs but is compatible with the default stty setting for

Zsh makes the assumption that most people who first try it are used to using
a dumb shell, not a smart editor, and that the people who do know how to use
a smart editor can figure out how to make zsh do what they want.

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