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Re: zsh questions

"Mark G. Sobell" wrote:
> Hi Peter --
> Forgive me if you are not the person to answer these questions; perhaps
> you would be good enough to pass this on to the  right person?
> I'm revising my Linux book and have noticed that a couple of things have
> changed in zsh. If you could tell me if these are changes, bugs, or
> something else I would appreciate it.  If they are bugs, when do you
> expect them to be fixed?
> Also, is there someone there who would like to review my zsh chapter
> before it goes into print?
> --------------------------------
> Under Red Hat 6.2 i386 (kernel 2.2.14-5.0)
> I have tried these on ZSH_VERSION=3.1.6-pws-9 and ZSH_VERSION=3.0.7.
> after giving the command bindkey -v
> ESCAPE = lists possible completions for partial filenames entered on
> the command line. (fails on 3.1.6)
> TAB used to extend partial filenames as far as possible (fails on both
> versions)
> Are the widgets or assigned keys changing or is something else going on?
> Thank you for your help,
>                      Mark

Hi Mark,

I'm not a real vi mode expert, since I tend to use emacs mode, so I'm
copying this to the mailing list to see if anyone knows more about it.  I
do know one thing has changed sometime during the 3.x series: the bindings
for insert mode and command mode are now completely separate, whereas
earlier they were interdependent in a slightly ugly way.  For the TAB
problem, maybe

bindkey -a '^i' expand-or-complete

fixes things?  TAB is bound in insert mode, but apparently not command
mode; maybe someone else remembers this changing (it would have been a few
years ago now).  The -a refers to the `alternate' key map, which is the
command mode map.  Something similar may be going on with the other, but
I'd better leave it to someone who knows that better or I'll get in a

I'd be happy to read through your chapter on zsh; there may be other

Peter Stephenson

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Work: pws@xxxxxxx
Web: http://www.pwstephenson.fsnet.co.uk

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