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Re: completion with globbing, take 2

On Sep 20,  7:06pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: RE: completion with globbing, take 2
} I must apologize. For some reason I had impression, that _expand offers all
} possible *completions* in addition to expansions.

There's a possibly-unwarranted assumption that the completions will
include the interesting subset of all expansions, so you wouldn't want
the rest of the expansions as well.

} it is using only _complete so matching won't work

Once again, that's true only if you're using the _expand_word binding.
Matching works fine if you're using complete-word and you have _match
somewhere after _expand in the completer style.

} Actually, you can either insert all completions (without possibility
} to menu select [...]) *or* choose from the expansions. Docs could be
} more clear on this point.

Yes, I'll send a patch separately to zsh-workers.  However, it does say:

     This style is used by the _expand completer function. If it is set
     to `true', the completer will not generate expansions, but instead
     the completions will be generated as normal and all of them will be
     inserted into the command line.

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