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Re: problem with CSH_NULL_GLOB

On Nov 24,  2:06am, Geoff Wing wrote:
} Subject: Re: problem with CSH_NULL_GLOB
} Maciej Kalisiak <mac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
} :When I "setopt CSH_NULL_GLOB" and do "ls *.cc *.c" in my home directory,
} :it lists all the files there [...]
} It looks like a bug in zsh.  I think you may have NULL_GLOB also set [...]
} 	If  a  pattern  for  filename  generation  has   no
} 	matches, delete the pattern from the argument list;
} 	do not report an error unless all the patterns in a
} 	command have no matches.  Overrides NULL_GLOB."

Hrm.  As nearly as I can tell, this documentation became wrong when the
(N) glob qualifier was introduced.  If CSH_NULL_GLOB overrides (N), all
sorts of bad things happen, so it doesn't.  I just tried zsh-2.4, and
NULL_GLOB still takes effect even in combination with CSH_NULL_GLOB in
that version, too.  I think it should read "Overrides NOMATCH."

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