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Re: [zsh 3.1.9] history bug?

On Nov 30,  3:46pm, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
} : 975595084:0;zztest 1
} : 975595088:0;zztest 2
} : 975595113:0;zztest 1
} : 975595128:0;zztest 2
} : 975595167:0;zztest 3
} : 975595230:0;zztest 1
} : 975595181:0;zztest 2
} The problem is that the above two lines are inverted.

I can't reproduce this here with 3.1.9-dev-7, but I don't see any
ChangeLog entry that would be directly related. The function that writes
the history file always opens and closes the file for each write (which
means for each line, with incappendhistory) so it shouldn't be an output
buffering problem.

One question would be, what does the history file contain after you've
given *each* of the last three commands, and *before* you close the
third terminal, in your example? With incappendhistory set, each command
should be saved as it is issued, and closing the terminal should not
change the file.

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